Why do some men feel like losers in bed?

Why do some men feel like losers in bed

Why do some men feel like losers in bed?

Having to hear from someone that you’re a big loser in bed is indeed traumatic.

Sexual performance is a very sensitive area for everyone and knowing that you aren’t good at it doesn’t really help. Men often suffer from sexual performance in bed.

They feel embarrassed, ashamed and completely let down when unable to satisfy their partner during sex. Let us navigate some possible reasons why some men feel like losers during sex.

1. Inability to have sex for a longer time

It is no secret that some men climax as quickly as, under a minute. This fear of leaving their partner unsatisfied makes men really embarrassed and ashamed. Those who are able to have sex for a longer duration of time win the race since women take some considerable time to climax.

2. Listening to your partner’s criticism

Some women don’t back down when it comes to giving their partner a piece of their mind. They criticise their partner and make the latter feel bad about their sexual performance in bed. Having one’s partner call them a ‘loser’ in bed can destroy one’s self-esteem to the core.

3. Low self-esteem and confidence

When men suffer from low self-esteem and confidence, it affects their sexual performance to a great extent. When there is no confidence in a person, they can’t perform sexually as well. A poor self-image can take a toll on a couple’s sex lives.

4. Not coming out of one’s comfort zone

Some men refuse to come out of their comfort zone and explore sex. They try to stay within their own bubble and attempt only the basic sex positions that have a high chance of becoming monotonous. Men may have a hard time coming out of their comfort zone and hence their partners may get agitated once in a while, making men feel like they can’t do anything!

5. Premature ejaculation

When men suffer from premature ejaculation, it becomes very embarrassing for them to even look at their partner. This ultimately spoils the mood for sex. Men further get very anxious about this and this fear alone stops them from having a good time.

6. Excessive masturbation habits

There have been studies that claim masturbation during one’s teenage or adolescent years impacts their sexual life later on. Men often peg this as a reason why they can’t perform aptly during sex. This is another reason why low self-esteem creeps into their mind, making them feel like a big-time loser!

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