What your butt shape says about you

What your butt shape says about you

What your butt shape says about you

Our bodies have been created differently. Some of us are tall, others short, we also have people with almond-shaped eyes, while others have hooded eyes, and the list goes on.

It’s interesting how our unique qualities make us stand out. Aside from our outward aesthetics, did you know that your body shape is connected to your personality?

This sounds like a myth but, our appearances often shape who we are. Even your butt shape can actually indicate a certain type of personality.

You can do an interesting experiment to find out whether you have a rounded, A-shaped, V-shaped, heart-shaped or square-shaped butt, and what that says about your personality.

Here we go.

1. Round-shaped

The round butt is a famous booty that attracts a lot of attention. People who have this butt have a small waist and a full butt that is rounded at the hips and bottom area of the butt as well.

People with round or C-shaped butts tend to be fashionistas. They love new trends and they especially like to rock outfits that make their butts look cute like tight jeans and shorts.

This group also leans more towards being social butterflies. They love to party, and they work just as hard.

2. Square-shaped

The square butt is very common in people with slim frames. This type of butt will have almost equal dimensions from the waist to the bottom area of the butt, and, it’s often seen in people who are athletic.

These group take their workouts very seriously and they can sacrifice their sleep for a session at the gym or an early morning run. Eating healthy is also an important part of their lives because they commit to a healthy lifestyle.

3. Upside down heart

You probably already have an idea of how this silhouette looks like. An inverted heart will have a slimmer top that curves into a rounded bottom, which is exactly how this butt shape looks like.

People with this butt shape are often extroverted by nature. They can make friends easily but ironically, they prefer to have smaller circles. They also have very strong personalities, which can get them in trouble sometimes for being bossy.

4. V-shaped

Just like the letter ‘V’, this butt will have a wider top area from the waist and a narrower bottom.

They tend to be perceived as quite tough on the outside but on the inside, they are very soft and caring people.

In men, this butt usually represents someone who is great at problem-solving. And both men and women with a V-shaped booty tend to be more old-school and reserved.

5. A-shaped

This shape is the opposite of the V-shaped butt which means, it’s narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. The difference between this butt and the heart butt is that this butt is more angular and not as rounded.

People with this shape love to have their friends and family in their lives and they also easily get absorbed in their daily routines, which makes them great at setting and achieving goals.

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