What women expect from the head of the home

What women expect from the head of the home

What women expect from the head of the home

The traditional idea of what men’s and women’s roles are in marriage has stood the test of time.

As much as times have changed, men would still say they want a submissive wife and women also desire a man who is capable of leading a family.

When we hear the term ‘head of the home’, it definitively allows us to understand that there are specific qualities that this man has or should have.

There are slight differences in what women would define as the head of the home but in general, these are some of the main characteristics women look for in a husband.

1. A provider

A man is at his best when he is capable of providing for himself and his family. This is part of his masculine nature and a source of confidence.

Women also naturally desire a man who is financially stable, because most of us wouldn’t want to handle most of the financial burdens in the family.

Therefore, women expect the man of the home to do his best to provide. And when faced with tough financial times where he is genuinely unable to do so, a wife should understand and offer the necessary support she can including financial support if she has a job or business.

2. A leader

The main highlight of ‘head of the home’ is ‘head’. A head, even in different spaces like work environments, is someone who has strong leadership qualities.

The same is reflected when it comes to roles in a household. A woman will expect someone who she can happily submit to, without being forced, because she feels safe and knows he can take charge without trampling on her feelings or putting her down.

3. A mentor

We know mentors to be people who can advise and guide. If you have a mentor, you recognize them as someone who has more wisdom, and is therefore a person who you can trust to influence your decisions.

As the head of the home, this is another role you need to be capable of handling. Her submissive role means that she can trust you with her life, and comfortably use you as a role model for the kids. That is why it’s important for a man to nurture his role as a mentor before he decides to get married.

4. Someone responsible

Women also like a man who is able to make wise decisions on his own. This of course doesn’t mean that he’ll never make mistakes, it just means that he can generally be trusted to give the family direction.

A husband is a captain and that means he knows whatever decision he makes will affect anybody on board. If a woman’s man has demonstrated that he’s responsible, she can trust his ability to guide her and the kids.

5. Someone committed

The head of the family should also have the ability to commit. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it also requires true selflessness from both sides.

When it comes to the role of the man, he should show that he’s ready to do whatever it takes for the sake of his wife and kids. He needs to persevere through adversity to make sure everyone is okay, and that is the reality of getting married.

This doesn’t mean that he should neglect himself though. But he should be ready to be on the frontline for his family.

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