What not to do in the first 12 months of dating someone

What not to do in the first 12 months of dating someone

What not to do in the first 12 months of dating someone

It can be difficult to navigate the early stages of a relationship, but it also determines if your romance will last.

If your relationship were a romantic comedy, it might look like this: The ideal first date would involve you catching eyes and sensing from the very first “hello” that they are The One.

Cut to a sequence of couples cooking together, taking hand-held strolls at dusk, and possibly taking a few vacations.

Nobody is surprised that relationships in real life tend to grow a little less dramatically than on screen.

So, here are some practical tips you must bear in mind in the first 12 months of a new relationship with your boo.

  1. Don’t criticise their intimate behaviors. Usually, it takes some time for someone to open up to you about their dreams. Avoid making them feel strange about whatever turns them off. Fantasy is made up and not a reality.
  2. Don’t just discuss the problematic aspects of your relationship with your pals. It’s simple to complain to your friends about how annoying bae is currently now, but if that’s all you say, they’ll assume you have a lousy relationship. Additionally, talking trash behind his back will eventually catch up with him.
  3. Avoid spying. You may find some random messages with an old female acquaintance on his social media if you hack into his account and discover that you have reason to believe he is cheating. Don’t do it at all, even if they unintentionally left your computer’s email open while you’re in the vicinity.
  4. Refrain from assuming that your crush will also be your closest buddy. There is a significant amount of stress involved in being a loving partner. You need to be a good partner in bed, as well as loving and helpful most of the time. It will relieve a lot of strain off of him if you let your girls do the best buddy tasks. Additionally, having more time with your pals is always a good idea.

Quit fighting about issues you don’t actually care about. Screaming about how he doesn’t actually like your dress isn’t going to solve anything. It will only make you both feel perplexed about your feelings.

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