Top 5 causes of skin allergy

Top 5 causes of skin allergy

Top 5 causes of skin allergy

Skin allergies can be difficult to deal with sometimes.

From itchy skin to red rashes on the skin, it is certainly an uncomfortable situation. Skin allergies can be caused by various reasons.

From certain foods and drinks to even clothes, they can come from anywhere. Skin allergies can occur in any part of the body- be it the face or hands or legs.

Some allergies can be quite harmful to the skin if not taken care of at an early stage.

In this article we’ve provided some of the major reasons for skin allergies to help us know how to prevent them.

Here’s a list of them below.

1. Fungal infections

Fungal infections on the skin can lead to skin allergies. They can appear in forms like red and brown spots or rings on various parts of the body. Although fungal infections can be quite uncomfortable they can be treated. The fungus that causes such allergies on the skin can be found on dirty surfaces of the house, in the dirt, or on plants as well. Ringworm and athlete’s foot are some of the skin allergies caused by fungus. It is extremely important to maintain a healthy hygiene routine and keep yourself clean and fresh to avoid such infections.

2. Harmful clothing material

Latex is a harmful clothing material that can trigger skin allergies. If you have sensitive skin and your skin comes in contact with latex, you may develop a skin allergy. In most cases, when your body finds it difficult to tolerate the substance of latex, it forms allergies. Latex gloves and other stuff can be dangerous for latex allergies. It is best to avoid latex materials to prevent skin allergy.

3. Be aware of some foods

Foods can cause skin allergies as well. Many people develop allergic reactions to foods like milk, fish, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, tree nuts, etc. Itchy, red, swollen skin are some of the symptoms of skin allergies caused by food. If you start feeling any sort of discomfort after consuming any of these foods, try to limit your consumption or avoid them completely.

4. Nickel

Nickel is a commonly found substance in many objects that we use on an everyday basis. Products like jewellery, cell phones, belts, coin, keys, watchbands, metal tools, etc contain nickel which may cause skin allergies. So be a bit extra cautious while using these products. If you develop an allergic reaction from any of these objects, replace that with other items or consult a dermatologist.

5. Medicines

Certain medicines can be a reason for skin allergies. Painkillers, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen can make people allergic and develop skin rashes or irritation. Some of these medicines can cause photosensitivity as well where the skin gets sunburnt. It is best to calm those areas down with ice packs or cold water or using a mild calamine lotion. In case of severity, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

If you are facing skin allergies quite frequently, these can be potential reasons. So, identify your allergic reaction reasons and take preventive measures as soon as possible.

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