These 5 waters can help lose weight in 5 days: Recipes inside

These 5 waters can help lose weight in 5 days Recipes inside

These 5 waters can help lose weight in 5 days: Recipes inside

Struggling hard to lose weight? Then try adding some simple kitchen ingredients to your regular water and melt the stubborn fat in just a few days.

Losing weight just by drinking water may seem like a bluff, but if you follow a healthy balanced diet and pair it with regular exercise, then these simple additions to your regular water can actually help you shed weight in a sustainable way!

So, read on to find out these easily available kitchen ingredients and manage weight.

​1. Methi water

This simple drink can be made by adding 1 tbsp methi seeds in 1 glass of water. Soak this water overnight and boil it in the morning and drink it throughout the day. Methi seeds help in managing insulin level, reduce inflammation and accelerate the fat burning process. Apart from that, drinking this water helps in effective blood pressure and blood sugar management.

2. ​Carom seeds

Carom seeds also known as ajwain are a simple spice, perfect for people trying to shed some weight. Just add 1 tsp ajwain to lukewarm water and soak it overnight. Brew it in the morning and add 2 slices of lime and drink this blend. This drink will not only accelerate the metabolism, but at the same time it will improve digestion and reduce water retention and bloating.

3. ​Fennel water

Add 1 tbsp fennel seeds and soak them overnight in 1 glass water, brew and drink it like a tea with some lemon slices, ginger and honey. Sipping this drink throughout the day helps in improving the metabolic rate, reducing flatulence and the presence of enzymes in fennel improves digestion and boosts the fat burning process.

4. Turmeric

Adding a pinch of turmeric to a glass of warm water in the morning can not only help in boosting the fat burning process, but the powerful antioxidants in turmeric help in improving immunity. Also the antibacterial properties and anti inflammatory properties in this spice when paired with lukewarm water can help in better weight management.

5. Lemon cumin water

This traditional blend is super effective in fat burning, this is due to the presence of vitamin C in lemon which helps in better weight management. Apart from that, the dietary fiber, nutrients in cumin are proven to reduce belly fat and water retention. Soak 1 tsp cumin in 1 glass water and brew this blend, strain and add lemon slices and drink this concoction to lose weight effectively.

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