The do’s and don’ts to control hair loss

The do’s and don’ts to control hair loss

The do’s and don’ts to control hair loss

A healthy diet is required for proper functioning of the body, predominantly for hair.

If there is deficit in nutrition, hair and skin will be the first to get affected causing hair loss.

Yet, there are so many causes of hair loss, it is natural to get confused and find the right solution.

Hence we’ll help you by eliminating the trial and error and giving you a long-term solution to hair loss with some of these tips.


  • Maintain scalp hygiene with regular use of shampoo

Shampoo are liquid soaps. They are meant to cleanse your scalp. We often bath and use syndet bars/soap regularly for cleaning our body but ignore scalp thinking shampooing regularly is harmful. This is far from true. In reality, regular cleaning of scalp have found better results in terms of thicker and stronger hair.

  • Use a conditioner every time

If shampoos are like soaps, conditioners are like moisturisers for the body. They coat the hair shaft such that the friction between hair are minimized and frizziness is reduced. This reduces the hair loss due to friction.

  • Eat a well, balanced wholesome, healthy diet

Eat a well-balanced diet composed of legumes, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and micronutrients.

  • Use onion juice as a home remedy

If any home remedy seem to work for hair fall, it is onion juice. Onion or Allium cepa has high content of sulphur in it. Hair strands are made up of sulphur rich proteins. This is how onion juice can give you stronger, healthier hair.

  • Avoid friction

Use silk pillow cases to avoid friction between hair while sleeping. Keep your hair covered in a scarf it it’s windy. Friction can aggravate hair loss by tangling your hair. This will lead to higher combing force causing hair loss.

  • Avoid heat styling tools

Even a temperature of more than 45 degree Celsius is harmful for hair. Be it hair styling tools like hair straighteners, curlers or blow dryers or chemical treatment of hair viz hair straightening, smoothening and rebonding, such hair styling can weaken the hair causing hair loss.

  • Avoid smoking

Nicotine present in the smoke causes vasocontriction. This means that less blood supply reaches the skin and the hair. Smoking regularly can cause premature smoking and hair loss.

  • Avoid hard water on the scalp

Hard water does not lather. Hard water contains salts of sodium and potassium that can damage hair. If you live in a geographic location with hard water supply, install a water softener or use drinking water for your scalp.

  • Avoid tight ponytails

Many ladies have the habit of creating tight buns or tight ponytails. This if done regularly can cause a condition known as traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is seen as recession of hair line with sparse hair and is often an irreversible condition.

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