Nadia Nakai sparks pregnancy rumors

Nadia Nakai sparks pregnancy rumors

Nadia Nakai sparks pregnancy rumors

Nadia Nakai has people thinking she’s pregnant with AKA’s baby.

Bragga who is known to be less active on Twitter resumed the application on Sunday and got busy with cute posts on animals’ babies.

“I don’t know what’s happening with my Twitter algorithm, but I’m loving the content that’s on my feed,” she captioned a retweeted post.

“Oh man! Is it weird that I find cows soooo pretty!” she captioned another post.

Rather than join the rapper in gushing over these little animals, it was presumed that she’s pregnant.

It’s not going to be surprising to people if Nadia Nakai is actually pregnant as she revealed a few months ago, that she desires to have AKA’s baby.

“We didn’t plan to become a couple, it just happened. I’ve witnessed how great he is as a father; of course, I’d love to have his babies one day,” she said.

Speaking about how she started dating Kiernan Forbes, Nadia said:

“I’ve known Kiernan for years. He was respectful every time I’d meet him. We never had personal issues and obviously out of respect for my label boss, I would refrain from socialising too much with him.”

“There wasn’t a specific time that we told ourselves we were an official couple because we were just really good friends. We’d speak for long hours over the phone and share so much in common.”

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