K.O on why he stopped taking alcohol in 2008 – Watch

K.O on why he stopped taking alcohol in 2008 – Watch

K.O on why he stopped taking alcohol in 2008 – Watch

K.O has opened up on why he quit consuming alcohol in 2008.

The star spilled the tea during his interview with Dj Sbu on Hustler’s Corner podcast.

K.O revealed that he has not been taking alcohol since 2008. He stated that there was a point in his career where he had to do an introspection since he was failing to send money home even at the peak of his career.

For me, I remember second year as Teargas this was 2007. We just had a great moment with chance and everything. So 2007 but I still felt like nothing has changed, we are still like, I still can’t send money to my family to get things done, renovations and all these things I always wanted to do as a kid,” he said.

“That actually even drove me to a point where just doing some introspection, I’m like so why do I have to drink alcohol,” he said. “Because I feel like alcohol is there for like celebrations or even for partaking in all kinds of superficial things, chasing girls.

These are things meant for celebrations, what am I celebrating because nothing has really changed in my life? That’s why I made the decision to quit alcohol period,” he said.

“I stopped drinking in 2008, and not because I was an alcoholic, I just felt like it wasn’t serving me in any way and I don’t drink, I don’t smoke,” he said.

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