How to make the best chicken wings

How to make the best chicken wings

How to make the best chicken wings

Who doesn’t love some chicken wings? I do and I bet you do too.

Chicken wings are probably at the top of the list of foods people would eat all day, every day, and the best part is, they are so simple to make that a beginner can wing it.

Get it?

Oh well, with this recipe, you can prepare your own wings at home and maybe make this your go-to snack instead of ordering some every time.

Below is a simple instructional recipe on how to make these scrumptious comfort foods.

What you will need:

Tender chicken wings, salt, cornstarch or potato starch, five cloves of fresh garlic, fresh ginger, black pepper, soy sauce, white vinegar, brown sugar, peeled and halved peanuts(optional), fresh chilies(optional).

Step one

Start by preparing your ingredients so that the process will be much easier. You will take one clove of garlic and a bit of ginger, chop them into fine pieces then mix. Separately, you need to chop the other four cloves of garlic.

Step two

In a clean bowl, place your chicken wings. You can also cut them into halves first if you prefer to eat them in smaller pieces.

Afterward, you will sprinkle some salt and half a tablespoon of black pepper then take your finely chopped garlic and ginger, and add them into the bowl as well. Give them a good mix and ensure you have coated the wings properly.

Next, take some starch and pour it into the bowl with your wings, making sure you have coated each wing well.

Step three

Take a big pan and pour in a good amount of cooking oil that is enough to deep fry your wings. Turn on the heat and wait until the oil is hot.

Here, you need to be careful not to let your oil start smoking otherwise it will be too hot to use and it might probably end up ruining your wings.

Once it’s hot enough, take each wing one by one and tap on the bowl to remove any excess starch first before placing them in. You might have to do half the number of wings first then repeat the same process.

Fry the wings for about ten minutes then remove them.

Step four

Once you have fried the wings for ten minutes, give the oil a stir to mix some of that starch at the bottom. You will then lower the heat and give the wings a second round of frying until they turn golden brown. This is the trick to give them that juicy crunch on the outside.

Step five

Now it’s time to prepare the sauce. But first, take your peeled peanuts and deep fry them for a quick 30 seconds then remove them.

In a clean pan, heat up two or three tablespoons of cooking oil, on low heat. Add the four cloves of garlic you had chopped earlier and the chilies. Let them fry as you stir until ready and be careful not to let the garlic burn.

Next, you can add two tablespoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of brown sugar. Once your sauce thickens up into a sticky consistency, add your crispy chicken wings and toss a couple of times.

For the final touch, sprinkle your peanuts and serve.

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