How to live super cheap without others knowing

How to live super cheap without others knowing

How to live super cheap without others knowing

We love to keep up appearances but sometimes it costs us more to keep up.

But we would like to meet our financial goals so this means we have to live frugally. But how do you live like this and enjoy life at the same time?

Living frugally allows you to spend less than you get. Secondly, you could use the difference to pay off debt, save and invest.

Living frugally or cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to enjoy life. Below are 6 easy ways to achieve it.

1. Buy or rent used items

We do not wish you to compromise on your hygiene but you can always get second hand furniture, a car, upcycle your old sarees, rent clothes and jewelry etc.

2. Buy few but high quality products

Instead of buying small things that last a month or two, invest in a few thing and make sure they are high quality and they last.

3. Embrace DIY

We South Africans are known for our creative minds so why not channel that into DIYs? Make your own home decor etc with available raw material and save money.

4. Use loyalty programs

These days many market place, supermarket have loyal programs where you save a lot of money, So why not go on month ends with a list and use the membership?

5. Travel on off season

This is generally the best way to save money because everything is cheaper. From flight fare to hotel stay, everything is affordable and there are less people in the background for your pictures.

6. Eat homemade food

Eat food made at home and you will end up saving a lot of money and in addition you end up eating healthier food.

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