How to bake without an oven or a microwave

How to bake without an oven or a microwave

How to bake without an oven or a microwave

Baking is an art for many and is therapeutic for a person.

But, what if you don’t have an oven or a microwave, how would you bake anything?

Well, there are so many alternatives that one can choose to bake different kinds of food.

There are some non-traditional ways of baking as well that can help make the same dishes as you make in an oven or a microwave.

1. Cast Iron Skillet

It is literally the only piece of kitchenware that gets better with age, as the flavours go deep into the pan and infuse everything you cook or in this case, bake. With this skillet, you can bake bread. All you need to do is do the same process you do while making the dough. However, just put it over a cast iron skillet with the greasing of butter and cover with a lid.

2. Cooking Pot

You need a large pot for baking dishes with some wire rack stands and some baking pans. This way, you can make cakes, chicken, or even bread. Here is an easy way to make a cake in a pot. When you are done with the cake batter, grease the baking pan and pour the batter into it. Let it settle and tap once to make the bubbles go away if any. Now, place the baking pan on the wire rack and cover the large cookware with an airtight lid. If your lid has a hole or is not airtight, cover it with a cotton kitchen cloth and then place the lid on top. A medium heat flame for 2 minutes and then simmer for 20-25 minutes. The closed cookware replicates an oven and the wire rack allows good circulation of trapped heat all around the baking tray and after some 30 minutes, you will have a well-baked cake in your hand.

3. Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is one of the easier alternatives for baking purposes. Baking occurs quite evenly in the pressure cooker. The technique is similar to baking with large pots. It is also promoted as a stovetop oven. With a pressure cooker, you can bake desserts and even bread. The maximum time taken by the cooker is 30 minutes. To bake cookies in a pressure, fill up a mason jar and cover it with foil. Now, take the pressure cooker and add a cup of water. Place a trivet in it and put a mason jar on top of it. Cook for 5-7 minutes and the cookies will be ready in no time.

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