Here’s how to make your regular lunch more nourishing

Here’s how to make your regular lunch more nourishing

Here’s how to make your regular lunch more nourishing

Making each and every meal nourishing requires extra effort!

Apart from consuming food from varied food groups, a perfect pairing of salads and accompaniments not only enhances the zest of your meal but also enriches you with the correct dosage of nutrients.

Lunch meals are touted as the heaviest meals as we often fill our plates with heavy calories that can effortlessly drain out our energy levels while taking a toll on our productivity, consequently, overall well-being.

Therefore, incorporating certain changes in your lunch can make it more healthy, fulfilling and nutrient-dense.

Here we bring you a list of baby changes that can completely transform the nutritional profile of your lunch meal while making all the difference in your health.

1. Inculcate a salad with your meal

Adding a bowl full of greens with your meal keeps a tab on your sugar spikes and is a great way to balance your carb-loaded lunch with a plethora of essential nutrients. Consuming a bowlful of salad with your lunch aid in escalating the process of digestion, add up the absorption of healthy fats and amp your energy levels. Do add cucumber, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, turnip and any other vegetable available in your panty with your lunch.

2. The twisted curd

Curd is prominent for its probiotic properties which are a blessing for our gut. It can enrich your stomach with healthy bacteria while adding up to the process of digestion. Sprinkle some seeds and chopped nuts to enhance the nutritional profile of your meal. Right from pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds to flax seeds and walnuts- pick any nut and seed you like.

3. Swaps unhealthy fats from the fibre

To make your lunching nourishing, try to avoid heavy gravies-rich foods, store-bought sauces or dips as these possess high quantities of fats and calories that can make you dizzy while taking you towards multiple health ailments. Instead swap it with whole grains, legumes and other green leafy veggies for a hale and hearty lunch. Fibre-loaded foods decrease digestion-related woes and enhance bowel while saving you from sleepiness.

4. Tame your dessert cravings with fruits

Often got sweet cravings after your lunch? Well, ditch those sugar-loaded food items and instead pick small quantities of fruits like watermelon, dates and raisins to tame your dessert cravings while saving your health goals. Moreover, you can also try some fresh fruity parfait, baked apples with peanut butter, and baked sweet potato with lemon and salt to make your lunch enriched with the goodness of multiple nutrients.

5. Do squeeze a dash of lemon 

Right from salad, lentils, sabzi, or fruits- squeezing a few drops of lemon will never harm you and can do wonders for your well-being (of course, beyond enhancing the taste). Lemons being a significant source of Vitamin C and antioxidants can escalate immunity, and ease the digestion of the food while promoting hydration.

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