Faith Nketsi accuses her Malawian helpers of robbing her

Faith Nketsi accuses her Malawian helpers of robbing her

Faith Nketsi accuses her Malawian helpers of robbing her

Faith Nketsi has taken to her Twitter once again to reveal that her Malawian helpers have robbed her.

Recall, few days ago, the star ranted over her designer Chanel bag stolen.

Faith revealed who broke into her home and stole from them.

Taking to tweet, Nketsi has shared details of how her Malawian helpers, who were staying with them eventually broke into her mother’s house, stole, and immediately went back to their country of birth, Malawi.

“I have land/house next door 2 the house I bought 4my mom. The gardener and his wife and baby stayed there 4 over a year. We fed them, clothed them, and my mom even babysat their baby and still paid them a salary. 2day they broke into my moms house and robed her and went back to Malawi” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

Faith then revealed that even though they have proof of their Malawian helpers stealing from them. However, that can not be of any assistance at this point because they have since fled the country already.

“Luckily we have cameras in the house but we can’t do anything with the footage because they are gone. My mom treated them like her own and trusted them. My mom is so heartbroken They celebrated everything with us as part of the family… I mean they even on havefaith” wrote Faith.

Reportedly, Faith’s mother is beside herself, and not only that but she is also heartbroken because she took the helpers as family members.

She says she was rest assured that the helpers were taking care of her mother, while she was staying in her marital home with her husband, Nzuzo Njilo.

“I slept peacefully at night in my marital home knowing that Mathew( gardener) was next door looking after her. The only thing my mom has said about this whole situation is that she feels that she’s supposed to be alone forever. Yo she’s so shattered because she loved them so much” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

See tweet below:

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