Do these 5 things to survive long flights

Do these 5 things to survive long flights

Do these 5 things to survive long flights

If you’ve spent a minimum of 12 hours flying, you’ll understand how hectic and uncomfortable long flights can be.

Preparing ahead, on the other hand, can make you feel a lot more relaxed.

Imagine spending 15-20 hours in the air going from one country to another, not only will you be dealing with jet lag by the end of the trip, you might find yourself dealing with the inconvenience of sitting in one spot for that long.

While there might be nothing you can do to reduce the flight time, you can find ways to enjoy it and feel more comfortable.

If you’re going to enjoy or at least, survive a long flight as comfortably as possible, then you should start by choosing a good airline. Be sure to read reviews on the airline about the airline you are choosing.

Find out if they have room enough for your legs, especially if you have long legs. You can also find out what their on-flight meal is, just be sure you’re okay with it.

Spending almost an entire day in an aircraft is no joke at all, so the last thing you want is to feel some level of discomfort attached to your choice of clothes. So, choose your most comfortable clothes, and that includes your footwear as well.

One thing is quite certain during long flights– you’ll have to sleep at some point. So, how about making sure you rest well? Invest in a good neck pillow, sleep mask, and earplug to block out unnecessary sound. You’re more likely to enjoy the entire trip if you’re able to sleep peacefully.

The chances of getting dehydrated on a plane are very high. Here’s the thing. Planes constantly replace the cabin air with the air outside, making the inside of the plane very dry.

This dryness is what leads to dehydration. Dehydration, in return, can worsen jet lag.

It’s important to boost your blood flow by taking little trips down the aisle from time to time on the plane.

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