9 ways to protect your eyes against constant screen time

9 ways to protect your eyes from constant screen time

9 ways to protect your eyes from constant screen time

The digital devices are assisting everyone to live life and do their work, from professionals to students and even homemakers.

With this increase in constant screen time becoming inevitable taking care of your eyes is paramount.

The sudden overexposure to screen often leads to dryness and stinging sensation in the eyes, blurry vision, a slight headache, and probable ache in your neck, back, and shoulders.

This ailment is phrased as Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain which can leave you battling with many problems, even long-term ones that you may not notice immediately.

Here are a few useful tips to protect your eyes from constant screen time while going digital.

1. Frequent breaks are necessary: Continuous gazing at screens lead to eye strain and makes your eyes dry. Follow this simple 20-20-20 rule which means taking a 20-second screen break every 20 minutes to look at objects 20 feet away from you. So, use the 20-20-20 rule and give your eyes rest which will help keep them moist.

2. Blink or you’ll miss: Staring at a screen makes us blink less often, which dries out the eyes. Blinking moistens the eyes, reducing dryness and irritation. So blink and don’t miss on eye care

3. Look at the bigger picture: Quite literally, increase font size when reading on-screen, so that devices don’t need to be too close to your eyes. This will help in maintaining a proper distance, and also avoid squinting your eyes while reading long reports.

4. Screen etiquette: Learn the basic screen etiquette like adjusting brightness, resolution, and contrast for better clarity and comfort. Where possible, avoid using devices in bright sunlight. Also wipe your screen at least once every day, a clean screen boosts visibility.

5. Check your devices: Regularly check the settings on your monitor to minimize glare as much as possible. Aligning your monitor to your eye level and working in ergonomic settings will also reduce the amount your eyes have to strain while focusing.

6. Screen distancing: Practice screen distancing while using your phone, don’t hold it too close to your face and increase the font size if you have to. You could also adjust the brightness on your phone to a level that is comfortable to your eye.

7. Cut reflection: Keep monitors away from windows – and never face a window when using a computer or a laptop. Consider using anti-reflection lenses with Blue Coating if you wear spectacles or even otherwise. LED devices emit harmful blue light which can cause eye strain on prolonged exposure.

8. Eat your reds and greens: To curb the effects of digital eye strain especially dryness and tired eyes, keep your eyes healthy by eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, stay well-hydrated and get plenty of sleep each night. Leafy vegetables, carrots, papaya, dates are a great source of vitamin A.

9. Hydrate your eyes: Omega 3 oils naturally lubricate the eyes and are found in flaxseed oil and some fish like salmon and sardines. You can also take them as supplements. You can also use lubricating drops to help keep your eyes moist, especially if you wear contact lenses.

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