7 classic parenting tips that are still relevant

7 classic parenting tips that are still relevant

7 classic parenting tips that are still relevant

Parenting is a beautiful journey, but the challenges you face while raising a child can be as overwhelming.

Over time, the approach to parenting has changed for better or for worse.

With technology assisting us every step of the way, child-care has surely become easier but it has its own cons. Modern parents have a different set of woes.

From seeking a balance between family and career to ensuring the safety and security of the child to giving more attention to the child’s mental health, the dynamics have changed.

However, some things stand the test of time. No matter how developed or different our world is now, certain parenting lessons continue to remain relevant.

Here are some classic parenting tips to consider.

1. Be a part of your child’s life

No matter how much freedom and space you want to give your child, being involved in their lives is extremely important. Being aware and concerned about their day to day happenings, spending quality time with them and indulging in activities together not only help enhance your bond with your child, but it also builds a sense of trust and confidence.

2. Do not hesitate to love them

Parents often worry that showering too much love on their kids may end up spoiling them, which may be true to some point. However, that does not mean you stop loving them at all or showing support. It is important that your child knows you care and love them no matter what. This will help boost their self-esteem and their sense of security.

3. Consistency is key

Saying one thing one day and doing everything different the next day can confuse children. Therefore, in terms of parenting, consistency is always the key. Setting routines, laying down non-negotiable rules and making good behaviour a habit are some of the ways you can achieve stability in your relationship with your child. Furthermore, do not forget to follow-up with consequences. Slacking off can give your child the wrong impression and may encourage them to take an unpleasant turn.

4. Establish rules and build healthy boundaries

There’s no better way to make your child feel safe and stable than by introducing them to a plan. Establishing rules and letting your child know what he or she can and cannot do gives them a clear picture of what’s wrong and right. This in turn helps them regulate their own behaviour.

5. Learn to balance freedom with limitations

Now, establishing rules does not mean you limit your child’s freedom and independence. It is never right to invade their private space. That said, as parents, know your boundaries. Let your child have an opinion. Give them a considerable amount of freedom to practice their individuality, to explore. However, intervene when you think it’s necessary.

6. What you do matters too

In the world of parenting, parents play a significant role in shaping their children’s personality. What you do matters, as it is what your child sees and follows to some extent, which is why setting good examples, being a good role model is crucial. Most importantly, accept that mistakes are a part of life. The road ahead is to learn from them and never repeat it again.

7. Kindness, respect and love are extremely important

While success, money and excellence is what you should push your child to achieve, simultaneously, you must teach them kindness, empathy and respect. Thriving on ambition alone is not the way to succeed. One must have love and respect for all beings.

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