6 rules married couples should follow in the bedroom

6 rules married couples should follow in the bedroom

6 rules married couples should follow in the bedroom

When you stay with a person in a relationship for so long, things are bound to get monotonous, especially during sex.

With everyday hectic schedules and timelines, married couples can no longer feel physically or sexually drawn to one another.

Hence, to make sure the sex life doesn’t drown completely, here are some rules every married couple ought to follow in the bedroom.

1. Do the work, don’t just depend on your partner

Don’t just depend on your partner to make you feel good. You too can make them feel good. Make your partner feel the pleasure by doing your part during sex. If your partner is pleasuring you, then please them back.

2. Make foreplay a rule

Foreplay is pretty important during sex because it includes the play of emotions as well. Some women take a long time to climax because there is no foreplay involved. Foreplay increases the chances of reaching an orgasm.

3. Set new expectations during sex

Your partner may not tell you but they may get bored repeating the same positions every time. Every now and then, it is important to try out some new positions that will excite you and your partner. Just don’t keep it boring.

4. Communicate about your sex fantasies

Everyone has different sexual fantasies and one shouldn’t feel guilty about them at all. Make it a rule to communicate with your partner about your fantasies. Let your partner tend to your wild, sexual fantasies!

5. Engage in oral sex

Don’t just kiss your partner on the lips. Let your imagination go wild and then kiss your partner in their most sensitive and sensual areas such as the neck, behind the knees, waist etc. This will impress your partner and keep the intimacy between you two sexy as ever.

6. Have sex at least once a week

Have sex at least once a week so that you and your partner don’t enter a dry spell. Not engaging in sex can make a couple feel sexually frustrated and angry. To avoid any such complications, focus on having sex with your partner.

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