6 dishes all garlic lovers should try

6 dishes all garlic lovers should try

6 dishes all garlic lovers should try

Garlic is truly an extraordinary flavour.

Even though it has a bad reputation because it might give one bad breath, we can’t resist it.

The intoxicating, savoury, and pungent flavour is something that we just love.

If you also love garlic flavour, then here are some dishes that you can try at home.

1. Garlic bread

We have to start this list with the most popular and loved garlicky recipe of all time.  The classic garlic bread is the perfect snack to serve at parties and get-togethers. This is the perfect savoury dish with garlic flavour. Tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside, this dish is delicious. If you want to take your dish a notch higher, then add  parmesan cheese along with some herbs and enjoy.

2. Garlic chicken

If you are craving some Indo-Chinese, then garlic chicken is the perfect recipe for you. With the goodness of garlic, this dish has a tangy yet spicy flavour. This is a great recipe for family meal time.

3. Chilli garlic fried rice

Chilli garlic fried rice is a must-try  for spice lovers. This is the perfect comfort meal for days when you are lazy and don’t want to cook an extensive meal. The garlic flavour mixed with chillies gives a scrumptious taste to day old rice.

If you want to go for something fancy, then you can pair it up with garlic  or manchurian chicken to make it a whole meal.

4. Garlic fries

Fries are our all-time favourite snack. From children to the elderly, no one can resist fries but did you know that you can make them even more delectable by adding garlic to them? Try garlic fries instead of regular old ones and you’ll forget about normal fries.

5. Garlic naan

Move over butter because garlic naan is the new favourite bread in the market. You can either pair it up with a curry or have it as it is and you might just  forget all other kinds of bread.

6. Garlic chutney

Garlic chutney is for all those who like an extra touch of flavour and spice. You either have it with your meal or snacks. It can enhance the taste of any dish.

You can spread it over a slice of bread and have it like a midnight snack as well.

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