5 ways to spice up your boring s*x life

5 ways to spice up your boring s*x life

5 ways to spice up your boring s*x life

The missionary position may be labelled as this ‘boring’ sex position, but that is not quite true. 

Perhaps this misconception stems from the fact that missionary is the prime introductory sexual position for many people.

Love making starts outside the bedroom. However, if you do something the same way all the time, you can end up feeling bored, but the missionary position is not boring at all.

What can make the position boring is if it is done the same way, same place, every single time.

Couples need to constantly find ways to spice it up by exploring each other’s bodies and finding what works for them and makes them reach a sensational orgasm.

Here are 5 ways to spice it up: 

1. Change the location, move from the bedroom to the couch or to the floor.

2. Play with erogenous zones while in missionary – Play on the areas between the neck and the ears, (not to mention the tongue on the earlobes for extra stimulation).

3. Massage, suck or slightly squeeze one of the body’s most sensitive areas, the breasts and the nipples! This is a great way to get the blood flowing quickly, and if you’re lucky, you might get a nipple orgasm! 

4. Pay attention to each other’s rhythm and move accordingly. Focus on your breathing and try to sync your inhales and exhales, thus enjoying heightened sexual sensations simultaneously. Also, allow for deeper and longer breaths in between.

5. Intensify stimulation by trying different angles – One of the best things about missionary is how flexibly bodies can move. For deeper penetration, support the lower back with a pillow. This will push up the pelvis, forcing the partner to thrust downwards and go deeper. 

Tips are great, but if there is no communication, it may be the beginning of problems in the relationship.

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