5 types of people you’ll see in a Cape town restaurant or bar

5 types of people you’ll see in a Cape town restaurant or bar

5 types of people you’ll see in a Cape town restaurant or bar

If you go to a  Cape town restaurant, there is a very high chance you will see any of these people.

Restaurant hopping is a fun way to unwind in Cape town if you have a lot of money and squander your money, budget about R1000 to R5000.

As a regular restaurant connoisseur, I have been to a fair share of experiences.

You will most likely see a man sitting by the corner, he got there before you and will still be there after you leave and he’ll be drinking just one bottle of beer contentedly. He may be watching a match or pressing his phone, but he will be happy and content with himself.

These people are shameless about their adultery or whatever the dynamics of their relationship are. The lady will have a bone-straight wig on her head, wear a mini skirt and have her phone permanently on Snapchat while the man is excited to be in her presence.

These ladies are out for fun but mostly to take pictures for Instagram. They are dressed to the nines and look sexy. One by one, you will see them taking pictures of each other. They will also be on Snapchat throughout. You’ll hear things like, “Take a video of me taking a shot” “Take a video of me dancing” You’ll wonder if they are having fun or they are pretending to have fun.

Almost every Cape town restaurant restaurant and bar has a married couple with their toddler children who will start running about carelessly. In your mind, you feel like these people shouldn’t be in that environment, but then you understand that the mother and father want to go out and can’t throw the baby away.

These ones are out on date night, they don’t see anything but themselves, and they might engage in hand holding, kissing and all of that.

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