5 trendy ways you can style your blazer

5 trendy ways you can style your blazer

5 trendy ways you can style your blazer

Blazers have been in style since way back and will continue to be.

They are definitely an undefeated champion in fashion and that’s why we keep seeing them every single season. Year in, year out, the blazer has stood the test of time.

In 2022, the blazer has proved that it’s not afraid to evolve. We’re seeing interesting versions like blazers with cut out designs and cropped blazers that are an updated version of the boring office blazer.

And looking into the crystal ball, 2023 will have more design surprises for us.

But for now, let us focus on what we have to work with and how you can pull it off like a style guru.

1. Pair with leather

Most blazers are made from simple fabrics like cotton. Many of them also come in simple colors which won’t do much for you if you’re trying to pull off a bold look.

A way you can give your look some vibrancy is by pairing it with a short leather skirt, dress, or pants. Leather is still in this season and you can hop on this trend by combining these two pieces.

This outfit will pop even when you’re wearing an all-black outfit. It’s a very powerful and sexy look that anyone can achieve.

2. Mix dressy and casual

Blazers often have a very classy and sophisticated vibe. It’s probably something we would choose to wear for a formal event or to work.

To bring out a more fun side of this piece, you should pair it with something casual like denim shorts or jeans, and a casual tee. For footwear, go with a pair of sneakers or heels.

The blazer will give a touch of sophistication while the casual pieces lighten up the look.

3. Try a blazer dress

blazer is already a statement piece on its own. A blazer dress, therefore, will have more impact. Usually, with this outfit choice, you only need to sit back and let it speak for itself.

You can choose bold colors like pink that will pop and don’t be afraid to try out patterns too. To bring in balance, if you’re wearing a bold blazer dress, wear simple accessories like minimal jewelry, strappy heels, and a simple bag. Super cute!

4. Add a stylish belt

A quick and easy way of loosening up the stiff character of blazers is to throw on a waist belt. This can work whether you’re wearing the blazer with other pieces or as a blazer dress.

blazer’s firm material and a waist belt are a good combo because they both add shape, which is flattering for every body type.

5. Pair with matching bottoms

You can never go wrong with matching pieces. It’s the easiest style secret that you can pull off since it always looks effortlessly good.

With the blazer, you have the option of trying out matching shorts, miniskirts, wide-legged pants, or any other piece that suits your vibe.

The good thing with this matching outfit is, you have lots of options when choosing your top. You already have a flowing theme in the rest of your look so you’ll have an easy time finding accents that can complete your look.

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