5 timeless pieces every man should own

5 timeless pieces every man should own

5 timeless pieces every man should own

Gone are the days when we used to think that fashion is just a thing for women.

Women are still probably more into dressing up but, men have started making their mark in the world of fashion too.

Although men’s fashion isn’t as diverse, there are still rules to be aware of whether you’re dressing up or down. The key is having the essential items ready so that you can build your style from there.

Some of the everyday basics you must have in your wardrobe include a white vest, dark jeans and a basic tee.

On this list, you will find other timeless pieces that you should absolutely own to up your style game.

1. A tailored suit

A tailored suit is a real showstopper. To an amateur it might look like a simple combination of a shirt, a coat and trousers, but there are other details to observe.

For this suit, everything from the button placement to how it fits on your shoulders matters and you will only get that right if you go for a fitting.

In your wardrobe you should have at least one or two tailored suits that will bring in all the attention during events then, on other days you can go with off the rack suits that generally fit you.

2. A classic wristwatch

In a world where we rely on our phones for everything, including checking the time, a wristwatch stands out. Every man should have a wristwatch because it makes you look more professional and well put together.

Each style season we have different watch trends going on but a classic watch will never run out of style. These often come with neutral colored straps and a standard face design that matches every outfit.

3. White sneakers

Sneakers have become quite popular in recent years with the boom of street style. People love new releases as well as the classic designs from the 90’s era.

It’s great to have a couple of trendy sneakers but, you shouldn’t skip the basic white sneaker. White sneakers are an easy way to look dressed up without actually doing too much.

Every time you wear them, you will have this crisp and clean look.

4. Loafers

Loafers always have this classy and mature vibe to them. Plus, they are one of those shoe styles that have been around for a very long time and are still popular to date.

These look good with different pieces like khaki pants, shorts or jeans and they instantly elevate your look as compared to other shoes like sneakers.

If you have a semi-casual meet up to go to, these will be your best friend.

5. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots should be a part of every man’s collection. These are the shoes you can wear every day and for casual events too. These especially look good if you want to upgrade your style to a more mature look.

You can have your everyday pair in a dark brown or black if you like, then add more formal-style Chelsea boots for special occasions.

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