5 signs your Sagittarius man loves you

5 signs your Sagittarius man loves you

5 signs your Sagittarius man loves you

He is creative, very expressive, loves adventures in life and hates being bound to anything. Commitment can be an issue with him.

But, if he is into you and loves you, he will do certain things that will let you know that he has fallen for you and that you are on the right track.

Here are those 5 signs that will let you know.

1. He laughs with you

If he is laughing with you on your silly jokes and quick wit, then he is definitely there with you. A Sagittarius man is in general used to be the funniest man in the room but if he is laughing at your humor and taking it in his stride, he is definitely into you.

2. He is honest with you

Saggitarian men can be brutal with their honesty but they show that side only to the people they trust and feel for. Because if they don’t like you, they will straight away cut off from you. Him being honest with you is a sign that he wants to make the relationship happen and he finds you worthy of that honesty.

3. He will introduce you to his folks

A Saggi man will bring you to his family and friends only when they are very serious about you. Men of this zodiac sign run away from commitment and they thrive on change but if they have decided to make you meet their people, their gang, then they see you as a permanent factor.

4. He wants to learn from you

Very few men have the ability to accept that they can learn from their partner and if your Saggi man is thinking like that, acts like that then that means he loves you. Saggi men already love knowledge but if it comes from their love interest, they love it even more.

5. He loves listening to your perspective

If there is a healthy argument going on between you and him and he listens when you voice your opinion and perspective, this means he cares what you think and he is into you.

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