5 signs that say your immune response is compromised

5 signs that say your immune response is compromised

5 signs that say your immune response is compromised

A strong immune system is extremely vital to safeguard well-being from the bout of harmful viruses and bacteria.

If you are one of those persons who caught viruses and illnesses frequently then there is a high risk that you have a weakened immune response.

People with compromised immunity are at high risk to catch infections as compared to others.

The word Immunocompromised is used to describe a deteriorated immune system or an immune response that is unwilling to operate aptly.

Right from excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol to stressful life, bad diet and anxiety- a plethora of lifestyle factors play a significant role in distressing your immunity while taking you close to numerous health hazards.

But if you wonder how to recognise the negotiated immunity, then here is a list of signs and symptoms that might help.

1. Cold and flu are your constant

Frequent sicknesses like getting a cold and cough are one of the most common signs of a pathetic immune system. When your immune system is weak, it does not have the capability to shield you from the attack of dangerous viruses and bacteria and thus makes you catch flu and cold quite easily. As per the health experts, “if you are getting cold more than thrice a year and the process of recovery takes a huge amount of time, then it is an indicator of a weak immune system.”

2. Stomach issues

A significant part of the immune system lies in our gut and a slight disturbance in the gut bacteria can drag you towards multiple health ailments and infectious diseases. Digestive woes suggest that your immune system is not functioning appropriately. If you suffer from gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea often, then your immune system is weak and in order to treat it right immunity boosting foods should be added to your diet to boost both gut flora and further immune system.

5 signs that say your immune response is compromised

3. Low on energy

Have you been feeling weak and tired for a long time even after a good lifestyle? If yes, then feeling drained and fatigued recurrently demonstrates that your immune system lacks strength. A compromised immune response drains out all your energy levels while making you feel grumpy, tired and irritated throughout the day. Make sure to get your status of immune response checked if that’s the case with you.

5 signs that say your immune response is compromised

4. A lot of stress

A stressed mind all the time, getting sweaty and panicky about small things is a significant sign of a bad immune response. Stress for a prolonged period of time can easily diminish the white blood cells in your body which further take a toll on your immunity, making it fragile. Do consult a health expert and incorporate Vitamin C-rich food items in your diet to strengthen your immunity.

5. The healing process is quite slow

A slow healing process signalises underlying health issues. When you get any sort of wound, say, a cut or a burn, in order to heal, your skin cells joint together. This curative process can only be possible if your immune cells are active and healthy. Take note of your healing process and if you feel that it is slow, then this is an indicator of compromised immunity.

Do keep an eye on the aforementioned signs and incorporate Vitamin C-rich food along with other nutrients for a hale and hearty immune system.

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