5 reasons women date men they don’t like

5 reasons women date men they don’t like

5 reasons women date men they don’t like

Like most fairy tales, women want to end up with prince charming with the perfect love story.

From love at first sight, being wined and dined to finally the ultimate goal; living happily ever after.

But the reality is a lot of women settle for men they are not even in love with and you are probably wondering why.

Well, we have a number of reasons here and you can probably think of more:

1. Fear

The proverbial biological clock is real and she is running out of time. Some women are afraid of growing old, alone and being the cat lady. In this case, she is most likely to settle for less.

2. Attention

All women love the attention to some degree. There are those who like extravagant displays of affection like surprises, flowers in the office, you name it while others like quiet dinners and intimate phone calls, but it all comes down to one thing; attention. So if you are providing that, she will definitely stick around.

3. Insecurity

Even though we don’t like to admit it, every woman has something they are insecure about. Insecure women settle for men below them so they can feel better about themselves. Of course, they aren’t interested in the guy but being around him is a real confidence booster.

4. Bored

I mean they have nothing better to do. You are a person, they are a person, it has been a while since she had anything interesting going on and it’s a boring none eventful Tuesday so why not go out?

5. Free food

Well, this is the meanest one but hey, who in their right mind would turn down an opportunity to be wined and dined for free? Absolutely no one! One of the perks of dating is the chance to visit fabulous restaurants, sample amazing dishes and just enjoy life on someone else’s dime.

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