5 reasons why paternity leave is important for a new family

5 reasons why paternity leave is important for a new family

5 reasons why paternity leave is important for a new family

Paternity leave isn’t just for mothers. Fathers, too, have been known to take days or weeks off after having a new baby.

A study by Boston College found that 89 percent of respondents thought getting paid paternity leave was an important issue.

The group with the highest interest was the millennial age bracket, with 93 percent of respondents calling for better paternity leave, showing this is an isssue that the people of the future are looking to change.

In recent times, studies and articles have offered reasons why dads deserve to have the paid time off with family. Here is a list of 10 of those reasons:

1. Helps in better bonding of father and child

Paternity leave helps the father create a strong bond with their newborn. The first few weeks after childbirth are special when it comes to establishing a connection, and the presence of the father during this time helps create a sense of attachment. When fathers engage in caregiving, spend quality time, and are present during the kid’s early years, it strengthens the father-child relationship. The bond formed during paternity leave can have long-lasting positive effects.

2. Double love and pampering for the child

Paternity leave is important for supporting the new mom during the postpartum period. Having the father at home helps in sharing responsibilities, easing the workload, and providing emotional support to the mother who is surely overwhelmed by childbirth and all the extra responsibilities that come with it. This shared caregiving promotes equality in parenting roles, contributing to healthier family relations and allowing both parents to adjust to their new roles, reducing stress and improving their relationship as ‘parents’.

3. ​Promotes gender equality

When an employer gives their employee paternity leave, they set an example for many more who are of the opinion that women should have primary caregiving responsibilities when it comes to raising kids. Encouraging men to take paternity leave helps in breaking gender stereotypes and promoting equality. Paternity leaves put a stamp on the fact that fathers have an equally important role in childcare and household duties. When men take time off for paternity leave, it helps the mother feel supported as the burden of caregiving does not solely fall on her.

4. ​Helps the father adjust

Paternity leaves help the new father in adjusting to the new environment. It is related to both the good and the bad– be it the 2 am crying you will have to witness or figuring out how to get your baby to laugh! A leave from office work and responsibilities help them to figure it all out, in order to be a good father. The more they participate in their child’s care, the more it helps them feel confident about their parenting abilities.

5. ​Paternity leaves will greatly benefit the mother

As the father equally participates in childcare responsibilities, the mother is more at ease with respect to how to raise the child. As one of the worries goes away, the new mom, if she likes, can actually think about joining her office back in a while (in the case of working mothers). The balanced distribution of work between the mom and dad instills trust in the mother about going ahead with her professional responsibilities as well. When both parents are actively involved in childcare, it results in children receiving more care and support, leading to better educational outcomes and reduced social issues.

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