5 premature aging signs you shouldn’t overlook

5 premature aging signs you shouldn’t overlook

Your body goes through various changes as you age. Not only are there bodily changes, but also mental ones.

However, many people experience premature ageing. The factors may include genetics, sun exposure, tanning, smoking, etc.

To prevent conditions of premature ageing, it is better to start protecting your skin earlier.

Is your body also ageing faster than it should? Check for the signs of premature ageing below:

1. Dry skin

Skin dryness and itchiness are common causes of premature ageing of the skin. This occurs when the skin no longer exfoliates efficiently which results in dead cell build-up on the skin surface. This reduces the luminosity and glow of the skin.

2. Brown sun spots

Brown sun spots (age spots) often occur in people in their 50s. These are hyper-pigmented spots that appear on the face, hands, and arms. They are caused by years of sun exposure.

3. Slow walking

If your normal pace of walking slows down drastically, it could be a sign of ageing. According to a study by standard.co.in, middle-aged adults who walk slowly are likely to have brains and bodies that have aged prematurely.

4. Fine lines and wrinkles

As we age, the skin slows down its production of collagen (a protein that helps maintain the shape of the skin). This results in visible wrinkles and sagging skin. This could be caused due to lack of sleep, stress, lifelong sun exposure, etc.

5. Over veiny hands

Hands age far more quickly than other body parts as they get exposed to more sun damage. So they see the signs of ageing much faster but they often get ignored. The elastin in your skin can be damaged by continuous UV exposure, which results in wrinkles, sagging skin, and the discolouration on your hand

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