5 personal items you should not share with people

5 personal items you should not share with people

5 personal items you should not share with people

Do you remember that science lesson you had in primary school about items you shouldn’t share?

Well apparently many people have forgotten the importance of keeping personal hygiene items to themselves, and shared what shouldn’t be shared with family members, close friends and even worse, strangers!

Sometimes it can be hard saying no to someone you love but trust me, the risks aren’t worth dealing with. For these items, sharing definitely isn’t caring.

1. Shaving blade

It’s never ever okay to compromise with this item. It doesn’t matter if it’s your bestie who needs it because the risks are way too high.

First, there is the risk of spreading infections like HIV through cuts. Even if you’re extremely careful, a shaving blade can still make small cuts on your skin which could transfer so many bacterial and fungal infections.

It is very difficult to completely sanitize a shaving blade that has already been used and for that reason, don’t lend or borrow one from anyone.

2. Combs and brushes

These items often go under the radar. It’s so easy to find yourself sharing these with people around you, which isn’t safe.

Remember hair lice? What about scalp infections? You might end up with these problems and a big medical bill when you’re done with treatment.

Also, if you’re going to get your hair done at the salon, perhaps you can carry your own combs if you’re not too sure whether they sterilize their combs or not. And you can never be too sure so maybe it’s best to always have your combs when visiting a salon.

3. Lipstick

Just like lip balm, you shouldn’t be sharing your lipsticks with anyone. You can choose to ignore the fact that bacterial infections and other viral infections like Herpes can be transferred through these items but, it’s still a reality.

Don’t let anyone swipe or dip their fingers in your lipstick. It’s also not a good idea to use those samples at the beauty store on your lips.

4. Wash cloths and sponges

It’s very unsanitary to use someone else’s wash sponge, cloth, loofah or any other item they use to clean themselves.

It’s very gross to think of all the ‘personal’ bacteria and body fluids you could be transferring to yourself plus, doing this creates a perfect environment for an infection to occur.

So save these for your use only and if you have guests over often, have a pack of new ones in case someone forgets to carry theirs.

5. Underwear

An interesting survey exposed that one in four couples share underwear. Some people have even admitted to sharing their underwear with their siblings and others have no problem buying second hand underwear.

The number of risks here are too many to count. You don’t know what the other person is dealing with ‘down there’ so to be safe, don’t do it.

Just remember that anything that comes into contact with your intimate areas shouldn’t be shared with anyone else and this includes bathing suits.

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