5 lunchbox ideas your kids will love

5 lunchbox ideas your kids will love

5 lunchbox ideas your kids will love

Trust us when we say lunch doesn’t have to consist of peanut butter-and-jam sarmies.

These pork-based recipes are easy to make, easily portable and guaranteed to provide a flavour sensation the whole family will love. 

Pork meatballs with melted cheese centres

These gooey cheesy meatballs make the perfect addition to any lunchbox. Layer some onions and peppers along with the meatballs on a crunchy baguette for a balanced, tasty meal.

Pork pastry rolls

Who doesn’t love a good old sausage roll? This one is elevated with added flavour from feta cheese, thyme and chilli – and your kids will receive a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals thanks to the sneaky addition of spinach.

Apricot pork kebabs

The tangy sweetness of apricots pairs perfectly with succulent pork. Braai these the night before and be sure to make extras for lunch the next day. Serve with naan and tzatziki and your kid’s lunchbox will be the envy of the class!

Maple mustard pulled mini pork pies

These take a little bit of effort but, once made, they’re ideal to pop into a lunchbox. Any leftover pulled pork can be used in sandwiches or added to pasta or a salad for a quick midweek dinner.

Pork, apple, mushroom and sage phyllo pastries

If your time is limited, these pastries are even easier to put together. Simply use store-bought phyllo pastry. The wine will cook away, but you can omit it entirely and make the filling more kid-friendly if you prefer – try mozzarella instead of ricotta, for example.

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