5 day-to-day culinary blunders and ways to fix them

5 day-to-day culinary blunders and ways to fix them

5 day-to-day culinary blunders and ways to fix them

Cooking is an art and getting it right each time may seem like a daunting task.

Not only does cooking involve techniques and methods, but also a major part of cooking depends on the mood and experience of the person.

There are times when you try cooking something good for your loved ones and end up messing it even after years of cooking experience.

Well, if you too have been struggling with some common cooking blunders, then try these simple cooking hacks that work wonders for your day-to-day cooking hurdles.

1. Overcooked veggies

There are times when we end up over cooking our veggies and making them mushy and soggy. Even during the process of boiling or par boiling, the vegetables and leafy greens often lose their crunch, but is there a way to fix this culinary disaster? An easy way to fix this is by boiling the veggies in boiled salted water and not in cold water as the water will take extra time to process and cook the vegetables. Another hack to fix this common blunder is to plunge the boiled veggies into a bowl of iced water. Also while cooking take a metal skewer and check the veggies, this saves the veggies from over cooking and turning soggy.

2. Fix the bitter taste of curries

How many times have you tried making a delicious curry and messed it up by adding extra powder, which leaves a bitter after taste? Well the easiest way to fix this blunder is by adding some sugar, cream, butter or adding milk. Basically, adding fats and sugar can help in cutting the bitterness of these spices.

3. Prevent sticking of eggs

Cooking healthy eggs, but can’t save them from sticking to the pans? Then try this brilliant hack- just add some oil to a tissue paper and brush your pan and you are ready to make healthy fried eggs without adding oil.

4. ​Fix soggy fries

Want to bake fries without making them soggy? This simple hack will ensure that your homemade fries do not soggy. Just wash them twice in cold water, then pat dry them with a kitchen towel and prepare a coating and ensure that the oil is brushed evenly to ensure that the fries are crispy and crunchy.

5. Fix excess salt

Salt can make or break a meal experience. And adding just a little extra salt by mistake can ruin your delicacy. So, what’s the resort? Well, to fix that excess salt in your meals you can add silute the dish with vegetable stock, water, cream, spices, add veggies or else just add a small dough of atta and wait for sometime, this will absorb the excess salt and smoothen up your curries and gravies.

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