5 countries where drinking alcohol is illegal

5 countries where drinking alcohol is illegal

5 countries where drinking alcohol is illegal

Usually, in most countries, there’s a recommended age for people to consume alcohol. In some countries, you need to have a valid license to do so.

Some other countries only permit Christians and prohibit Muslims from drinking. However, in some other countries, it is totally illegal for anyone to drink.

Most of the countries with a complete ban on drinking are mostly Islamic countries, mostly because it is banned in the Quran, and here are 5 countries where it is completely illegal to drink.

Alcohol laws in Libya are quite strict. So, if you find yourself visiting the country, it’s best to respect their rules and regulations. Otherwise, be ready to deal with the strict punishment that comes with such action when caught.

Saudi Arabia is home to Islam’s pilgrimage site, Mecca. So, it’s only expected that the ban on the production, sale and consumption of alcohol is strict.

As a matter of fact, on arrival in the country, strict checking of luggage to ensure no one sneaks in a bottle or two is usually conducted. Flogging and long-term imprisonment are a few of the punishments anyone caught with alcohol is likely to deal with.

Here’s a piece of advice! It’s best to stay off this sensitive subject and abstain from alcohol when visiting the country.

The alcohol policy in Yemen is quite flexible for foreigners as they are allowed to come in with a few bottles but on the condition that it must only be consumed on private properties, not public spaces.

Alcohol is completely prohibited in Sudan and offenders are mostly dealt with in Islamic-style punishments. An attempt to import it into the country can also lead to strict punishment. So, as a tourist, once again, it’s best to respect the countries’ policies and regulations.

Like Yemen, Somalia is quite lenient with their alcohol policies. Foreigners are allowed to consume alcohol but it must be done only on their private properties, and not in public spaces.

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