5 common s*x issues men face

5 common s*x issues men face

5 common s*x issues men face

Having sexual problems is alarming for a normal person but at times we get too hyper and believe that it is the end of the world.

However, you, especially men, will be surprised to know that the sex problems you thought are unique to you, are in fact very common.

It should not bother your ego. Just get yourself checked if you have one of these 5 sexual problems, and don’t panic.

1. Premature ejaculation

If you ejaculate soon amid sex then that is premature ejaculation and it is very common. It is not just among young men who have just started exploring their sexuality but it also happens with men who are older. You could try practicing control, which takes time and if that fails, meet a sex therapist.

2. Erectile dysfunction

If erection is an issue with you then you are suffering from a dysfunction. This generally happens when there’s not enough blood flow to the penis that sustains an erection. The dysfunction can also happen when you are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, thyroid imbalances etc. It could also be due to psychological conditions like stress and depression.

3. Delayed ejaculation

This happens when you have issues while climaxing during sex. This often happens nerve damage or even a thyroid disease.

4. Low testosterone

The testosterone levels are at their peak at 18 and then they decline as we age. In many cases, men feel that lack of desire , they feel low and down and are very concerned about their testosterone levels. For this a check up is important. A simple blood test will let you know what’s the problem.

5. Peyronie’s disease

This disease happens when your penis has a curvature and that hurts you during erection. It is a rare disease but it does happen. If such is the case, you will notice a bump or even a lump at the bottom or top of your penis. In most cases, when you consult the doctor for the same, they are able to dissolve those bumps with medication. If not, surgery is an option.

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