4 s*x secrets wives never tell their husbands

4 s*x secrets wives never tell their husbands

4 s*x secrets wives never tell their husbands

There are some things that wives refrain from telling their husbands.

It is not always wise to keep secrets but sometimes women can’t help but keep some things to themselves.

When it comes to sex, women aren’t always transparent with their thoughts and feelings.

Let’s take a look at some of the secrets wives never tell their husbands.

1. Sex with exes

Wives avoid telling their husbands about how sex was, with their previous partners. Women feel that their husbands may get very insecure regarding how the sex was with their wife’s previous partners. Insecurity regarding sex can be a real issue.

2. Masturbation

Not every woman is comfortable with telling their husband about masturbating. Most wives like to keep this a secret. Masturbation in women is largely considered to be a taboo, even though the world is becoming more aware of it, day by day.

3. Performance in bed

Sometimes, women do not like how their husbands perform in bed. They keep their desires a secret to avoid creating a ruckus or an issue. Men also get pretty insecure when they can’t perform sexually in bed such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

4. Orgasms

Women often fake their orgasms just to get it over with. Women take a lot of time to climax, compared to men. They require foreplay, lots of kissing and grabbing that most men are unaware of. And most wives do not tell their husbands about this so that the latter doesn’t feel bad.

5. High sex drive

Some women have a very high sex drive that their husbands do not realise. Women fear being judged about the amount of sex they like. They like to keep their sexual desires and sexual drive a secret.

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