4 nifty tips to organize the shoe storage in your room

4 nifty tips to organize the shoe storage in your room

4 nifty tips to organize the shoe storage in your room

Even if you’re a practical person, your shoe collection can quickly spiral out of control. You may have sneakers, but what are you supposed to wear to work?

Then there are heels you need to wear to attend a wedding, and other slippers for visiting the beach!

We have a tendency to accumulate a lot of shoes, and storing them may be a big hassle.

You probably need a sleek storage solution because you’re sick of finding shoes all over your house.

Well, use these shoe storage ideas to keep your pumps arranged and in one handy location!

1. Reorganize your wardrobe

You’ll need a tidy, well-organized closet to set up a shoe storage system that makes it simple for you to locate the shoes you need. Clean out and organise your closet to start! You should take everything out so you may look through your clothes, shoes, and accessories one by one and get rid of anything you don’t need. You’ll have additional room for shoe racks, cubbies, drawers, and other shoe storage options as a result!

2. Try transparent containers

Use clear shoe boxes to designate a place for each pair of shoes you own! With clear shoe boxes, you can see what’s inside without having to open the box, and they shield your shoes from dust, filth, and other things that could harm them over time. Additionally, clear shoe containers are simple to stack, which allows you to maximise closet space!

3. Install built-in shelves and drawers

Is your present closet organisation system broken? It’s time to think about replacing it! Your built-in shoe system can be made as big or as small as you like. To store heels and boots, think about installing shelves with different heights. For quick access to footwear, flats, and sandals, you might also install pull-out drawers.

4. Utilize storage under the bed

There isn’t enough room in your closet to store shoes. To store seasonal shoes or pairs that aren’t worn as often, get an under-the-bed organiser! To keep the dust out, use a cloth organiser with divisions and a zippered closure. Or create your own DIY wooden shoe organiser with a clear lid so you can see inside!

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