3 reasons why you should date more mindfully

3 reasons why you should date more mindfully

3 reasons why you should date more mindfully

Mindfulness may be a popular buzzword at the moment, but we don’t often associate mindfulness with dating and relationships, even though we should.

We often characterize mindfulness as being present, usually in an open and non-judgmental manner.

If we don’t approach them from a place of mindfulness, dating and relationships can be draining, especially since there’s often emotional energy involved.

Here are three reasons why mindfulness can positively impact our dating lives along with our relationships:

1. Mindfulness leads to fewer expectations

Before we meet our dates in person, we form beliefs about who they are and align our expectations accordingly.

When we look ahead to our future with them, we create a narrative that isn’t real, and we try to live up to those false realities. When we look back at our past relationships and assume that our latest date will be more of the same, we build up walls to protect ourselves in the future.

Being mindful lowers our expectations, which allows us to see our partner, or potential partner, not as who we want them to be, but instead as who they are. It also allows us to love ourselves in the process.

2. Our intentions are aligned

When you’re mindful, you’re consequently more clear with your intentions. Your clear communication then works wonders on your relationships. When you have clear intentions, you are aware of who you are, what you are, your needs, your wants and what you value most.

This means that you are likely to openly share not only your values, but also your wants, needs, and your understanding of your worth. It also means that you are willing to express emotions in a way that may expose you to possibly being hurt, but in the long run, your vulnerability will only help you.

3. Being present allows ourselves to appreciate the moment

A core concept of mindfulness, living in the now, urges us to enjoy each moment for what it is. When we embrace mindfulness in dating or relationships, we genuinely accept the person we are sharing an experience with and also let the relationship flow naturally.

Spending distracted, absent time with our partners do both us and them a disservice because we can’t truly enjoy the time when we’re not present. Appreciate the quality time you share with your partner rather than spending energy and time trying to convince either yourself or someone else to see you as the one for them.

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