3 healthy ways to express jealousy in a relationship

3 healthy ways to express jealousy in a relationship

3 healthy ways to express jealousy in a relationship

Everyone has acted on their insecurities and jealousy at some point in their lives.

Though the feeling is common and normal but takes the unpleasant form of constant conflicts and arguments between a couple.

Eventually, jealousy can lead to resentment in an otherwise healthy relationship and hollow it to its core.

However, there are ways for you to acknowledge the emotion and deal with the same with compassion and mindfulness.

Here are 3 healthy ways to deal with the emotion.

1. Know your feelings

Jealousy can sprout from various reasons; it may have been because your current partner is not involved as much as you’d like them to be or because you were in an unhealthy and destructive relationship in the past. The key to this is learning about the root cause of your feelings. You can start by asking questions to yourself and to your partner, question what you’d like to be changed in the relationship and focus on creating an environment of trust between the two of you so you can feel safe to open up.

2. Acknowledge and discuss your insecurities

We often deem our feelings insignificant and absurd and fail to address them with as much concern as they should. Know and accept that this is unfair to you and your partner. You can make attempts to acknowledge your insecurities and when you feel comfortable with your own issues, you can take the matter to your partner and discuss it thoroughly. This way, you’ll be building a healthy attachment with your partner and rising above your insecurities. Acknowledgement is the first step towards personal development

3. Unveil your true spirit

Sometimes, jealousy is born out of pettiness and low self-esteem that we treat ourselves with. We feel unworthy of our partners and grow insecure about their other relationships including their friendships with the opposite gender. In such situations, it’s advisable to accept your true form and unveil your true spirit to your partner. Once you’ve started to love yourself, you can bring more admiration, love and respect to your relationship. Your relationship will soar to greater heights.

It can be difficult to accept jealousy but there are ways to distinguish healthy jealousy from an abusive one. It is natural to feel a little possessive about your loved ones but it can take a disastrous turn and hurt you in the process. If there are no real reasons to be afraid and constant arguments are breaking out because of it, it might be time to consult a professional to help or get out of that relationship.

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