3 dating tips for pragmatic individuals who hate romance

3 dating tips for pragmatic individuals who hate romance

3 dating tips for pragmatic individuals who hate romance

If you have been weary of the same old, trite dating advice about how there are lots of fish in the sea and you could do better, then it is time to think again.

The clichés aren’t exactly useful when you’ve heard it a million times before.

If you are pragmatic about your love life, then there’s no harm in trying to find something fresh.

Below are some novel, logical pieces of dating advise for realists who shy away from the idea of a torrid romance in relationships.

1. Try a sober date

Drinking beer or wine tends to exaggerate or distort your relationship with every date. After two glasses of champagne, everybody can sense a chemistry. If you wish for a more real experience, you may want to limit your drinking before or during dates. Liqueur eliminates nervous anxiety and also eliminates rational worries, which ensures you’re more prone to drop your standards as a result. So, leave behind the liqueur and see your savvier, wittier self take charge of the date and determine whether or not this person is actually deserving of your time.

2. Give up potential dating

If only he weren’t contemptuous and didn’t talk over you, he’d be ideal. If only she were motivated to work instead of shopping and looking for a sugar daddy, the two of you could truly be something amazing. Such idle dreams must be rejected as you must favor practical reasoning. Think twice if you believe that your affection for someone will cause them to change.

3. Cease dreaming of finding the proper mate and try to be that partner

Don’t let bad dates or rejection get you down. Try to view each subsequent date as an opportunity to learn more about what you want in a partner and to realise what a fantastic catch you are instead of hoping to find someone who makes your life perfect.

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