3 blunders men unknowingly make that turn women away

3 blunders men unknowingly make that turn women away

3 blunders men unknowingly make that turn women away

There are scenarios when a girl you like no longer likes you. She used to be into you, but she’s starting to back off now.

Many men have trouble retaining a woman’s interest for as long as they would like. The woman abruptly disappears for whatever reason, appearing to be pushed away.

It is annoying when a woman who has been really into you at first changes her mind. The thing you most desire is frequently the one thing you cannot have.

As you can expect, you follow after them more and more until they finally vanish forever.

Therefore, you may avoid making these 3 blunders in order to prevent pushing women away and keep your girl from leaving.

1. Only using text to converse

The ability to speak well is not a trait that all men possess. To approach a woman and start a lively discussion with her takes skill. For convenience’s sake, guys prefer to text rather than call. Texting is the perfect basic and straightforward form of communication for guys, who prefer to keep things that way. Women appreciate conversation more than activities for connecting, therefore you should consider talking on the phone the prevalent mode of communication.

2. Unwanted and desperate confessions

Men don’t know how to express their own interests or what is actually desired for a woman. They lack the skills necessary to explain their thoughts to women. For some reason, most men are persuaded that when a woman withdraws from them, it’s because they didn’t make her feel appreciated or treated that way enough. As a result, in an effort to get out of that scenario, they begin to approach women too strongly. However, it’s important to remember that when you remain mysterious rather than confessing your feelings to a woman, she is more inclined to stay around or consider you interesting.

3. Speaking poorly of other women

When guys talk negatively about other women in front of you, they feel as though there is some sort of boasting or showing-off going on. However, speaking negatively about other women is actually the last thing you should do when you are with a lady you intend to stay with. She begins to accept the idea that you might start treating her similarly to how you approach other women at any moment, which disrupts her sense of feeling protected by you.

These are some of the terrible dating habits you might have that you need to stop to have a good relationship.

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