How to make mineral water at home

How to make mineral water at home
How to make mineral water at home

How to make mineral water at home

There’s no denying that water is the best gift of nature bestowed upon us, especially mineral water, which is believed to be one of the purest forms of water sourced from natural springs.​

Why mineral water?​

Naturally rich in essential minerals, this water has potent health benefits and can naturally fix electrolyte imbalance in the body. While you can’t recreate the natural essence and exact mineral composition of natural mineral water at home, but there is a simple way by which you can make mineral water at home.

How to make mineral water at home​

To make mineral water at home, begin with a clean glass or container. Make sure it’s well-washed and free from any contaminants. You can also sterilize the container before making.

Next, fill the glass or container with 1 liter filtered water. The quality of the water is can make or break the taste of

your homemade mineral water.

To this add 1/8 tsp of baking soda to the filtered water.

Now, add 1/8 tsp of epsom salt followed by 1/8 tsp of potassium bicarbonate to the purified water. Lastly, use a soda siphon to blend the minerals and mix well. The water is ready to be consumed!

How mineral water boosts health?​

Mineral water has the ability to manage electrolyte levels and provide better hydration, but that’s not all; Adding ingredients like potassium, epsom salt and other essential minerals can boost health by improving cardiovascular health to reducing indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, and arthritis to name a few.

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