How to lose weight like the Kardashians

How to lose weight like the Kardashians
How to lose weight like the Kardashians

How to lose weight like the Kardashians

The popular Kardashian women are known to lose extra pounds within no time.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have shown a tremendous weight loss transformation after pregnancy.

Kim recently lost 60 pounds from her postpartum fat whereas Kourtney lost 35 pounds within 5 months after her delivery.

Khloe has also lost 40 pounds after pregnancy within a very short span of time. The Kardashian family has always aced in looking fab in the eyes of the media.

They have never lagged in making the public go “gaga” over their looks. Here are some effective tips from the legendary family which can help you lose weight in no time.

1. Think about your weight loss transformation with practicality

Post pregnancy Kim set high weight loss expectations, she used to check her weight using the weighing machine quite often. As per expert advice, people who keep measuring their weight can understand the weight loss process more effectively. They know what’s working for them and can bring alterations in their exercise routine and diet regime accordingly. Do not weigh yourself directly after having late night meals or binging on high cholesterol food items as that might display a fluctuated weight on the weighing scale.

2. Protein shakes in the morning

Protein shakes are one of the best and healthy alternatives to start your day with. They are portion controlled as you keep a check on the ingredients which are being used while preparing it. Kourtney drinks protein shakes which contain rich vital nutrients like banana, nonfat yogurt milk, almonds, apple cinnamon and ice with vanilla QuickTrim protein powder. Khloe also prefers drinking protein shakes on her way back home from the gym to satiate her appetite.

3. Pick two dishes for breakfast throughout the year

As per a post published by Kourtney on her app, she eats one fixed breakfast for six months and for the other six months she prefers eating some other dish. This weight loss technique is known as stimulus-narrowing. This strategy helps in cutting down your calories as it reduces your options to eat.

4. Count your calories

If you are determined to lose weight, start keeping a check on your calories. Note down the calories which you are consuming in a day, this can help you in figuring out your diet regime in a better way. Kim eats only 1,800 calories per day as per her nutritionist Colette Heimowitz’s statement to Elle magazine. Setting a calorie count varies from person to person, it largely depends on your age, height, current weight, goal weight and your daily activity level. It is preferable to consult your doctor before deciding on setting a specific calorie intake.

5. Your calorie intake is not related to your daily activity

Kim does not believe in increasing her calorie intake even if she’s performing an extra workout. She does not take more than 1800 calories per day no matter whether she is laying down or hitting the gym. Some people are intended to consume more calories if they are performing extra activities, this is not suggested in your weight loss journey.

6. Do not deprive yourself

As per Khloe, Kendall enjoys eating sinful meals like burgers and pizzas. She keeps her body in shape by exercising. Khloe Kardashian has also mentioned in her book, Strong Looks Better Naked, “I think most diets are torture, which is why I don’t believe in them….If I want a piece of cake one night, I’ll have my piece of cake!”

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