5 signs your “best friend” is using you

5 signs your “best friend” is using you
5 signs your “best friend” is using you

5 signs your “best friend” is using you

Friendships are built on trust, mutual support, and genuine care for each other.

However, sometimes, the ones we thought to be our best friends for so long, turn out to be liars, people using us for their own means.

That pain is excruciating and it makes us doubt every person, more than a cheating spouse in certain cases.

To help you detect such a person beforehand, here are some signs that you can look out for and save yourself from such a cheat.

1. One-sided conversations and constant venting

When we are in a healthy friendship, there is an equal and balanced exchange of thoughts and feelings. If your best friend dominates conversations with their own problems, complaints, and drama without showing interest in your life or concerns, it may be a sign that they are using you as an emotional dumping ground. They may only be interested in your presence when they need someone to vent to or seek support.

2. Selective availability

Pay attention to when your best friend reaches out to you. If they only contact you when they need something, like a favour or someone to hang out with when their other plans fall through, this is a clear indicator that they might be using you for your availability and resources.

3. Lack of reciprocity

In a healthy friendship, there is a give-and-take dynamic. If your best friend rarely reciprocates your kindness, whether it’s lending an ear, helping with tasks, or offering emotional support, it could be a sign that they’re taking advantage of your generosity without offering much in return. True friends should be there for each other in both good and bad times.

4. Conditional support

A genuine friend will always support you through your successes and failures. However, if your best friend only seems interested in your life when you’re struggling or going through a tough time, they might be using you to feel better about themselves. They could be deriving satisfaction from being the “better off” one in the relationship.

5. Manipulation and guilt-tripping

Beware of friends who frequently manipulate or guilt-trip you into doing things for them. They may use phrases like, “If you were a real friend, you would…” or “You owe me because I did this for you.” Stay away from a person like this because they are exploiting your feelings of loyalty and obligation to their advantage.

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