How to ace a street style look in 5 easy ways

How to ace a street style look in 5 easy ways
How to ace a street style look in 5 easy ways

How to ace a street style look in 5 easy ways

If there’s one style of dressing that’ll never go stale is the street style. You can keep it trendy, colourful and wear it the way you want.

It’s all about making the most basic pieces of clothing look best when paired correctly with the right kind of attitude.

It honestly doesn’t take a lot to be a street style star. Just let your creativity do the talking and take some risks when it comes to prints and colours and you’re good to go.

To make it simpler for you, we’ve listed down some easy steps to dress up like a street style icon and look fashionable as ever.

1. Oversized is the new fit

If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy all new oversized fitting clothes, this is it. The first step to ace a street style look is to put on oversized tops and pair them with either skin-fit bottoms or oversized ones. You can even wear an oversized pullover with no pants and put on some nice shoes and that’s all for a street-style look.

2. Throw a jacket over your shoulders

This one always works! If you don’t own any oversized clothes, no worries. Simply carry a jacket-over-shoulders look and you’re definitely going to turn some heads. The jacket will instantly amp up your entire outfit and make you look like a fashion girl!

3. Wear something inside your dress

Ditch the traditional way of wearing a strappy dress and make it look all feminine. A street style look is all about wearing a fitted top or a shirt beneath the strappy dress and finish it off with accessories and boots. Mix it up with colours or tone it down to monochrome, it’s all fine till you have something under your dress.

4. Let the shirt slip down

Usually, you’d button up your shirt and keep a couple of top buttons undone. Now, to achieve a street style look, you need to let the shirt slip down a little either at the back or from one side of your shoulder. This makes your outfit look effortless while you deliberately carry such a look. It’s fashionable and stylish all at the same time.

5. Wear basic clothes with the best attitude

It’s all in the attitude that you have when you step out. Even when you wear the most basic clothes, be sure to carry your confidence and the right kind of attitude. Imagine you look the best of all in a crowd and the viewers will for sure notice you well.

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