What men think women want VS. What women want

What men think women want VS. What women want
What men think women want VS. What women want

What men think women want VS. What women want

Men are always clueless about what women want.

Most think women are from Venus and that it is incredibly difficult to understand what women actually want.

Well, it isn’t all that difficult, to be honest. To understand a woman’s feelings, analysing their body language and actions is all men need to do.

To make it easier for all the men out there, here are some comparisons of what men think women want VS. What women actually want.

1. A really fit body

Men think women love to be with a man who is very fit and has a chiselled body. But that’s what men think. They don’t understand the female gaze i.e how a woman looks at a man. Men depend on the male power fantasy that focuses on men being physically intimidating and attractive.

Most women don’t really focus on the physical characteristics of a man, when they are looking for a romantic connection. What they look for is someone who understands them and makes them laugh!

2. Financial support

This is one of the most common misconceptions men have about women. They think women incline towards men so that they can have ample financial support. In today’s progressive world, men still think this way but women have learnt to become financially independent and not depend on anyone.

What most women actually depend on men for, is emotional and mental support.

3. Intellectual conversations

Men don’t really understand the importance and impact of intellectual conversations in a woman’s life. Men think women want a man who is insanely attractive and someone with whom they will look good together.

But women actually love intellectual conversations and prioritise them more. They hardly want to stay with a man who just cares about looks and can’t hold a meaningful conversation.

4. Starting a family

Not all women want to start a family and settle down. Men make a big mistake when they assume their partners want to settle down and have kids. Women want time, commitment and the right state of mind before they start a family, contrary to what men believe.

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