5 types of wives in marriages

5 types of wives in marriages
5 types of wives in marriages

5 types of wives in marriages

We all have our unique combination of personalities. This shapes the kind of friends we surround ourselves with, the partners we choose and basically our reality.

As we mature and change, most of us still maintain that core aspect of who we are. And even after marriage, we operate the same way, which can be a positive and also a negative in some ways.

It’s important to have self-awareness as a wife so you can understand yourself better and see those blind spots you may have.

These five basic categories of wives might give you an idea of what personality type you are in your marriage.

1. The superwoman

The superwoman is often praised as the ultimate wife. She has a thriving career, she’s an awesome mom, she caters to her husband, and she can basically handle everything.

This type of wife is admired for her strength and that quality might be what impressed her husband when they met. But with time, the breakdown starts to happen when she realizes she can’t keep up for too long.

The supermom burns out often and she might also feel resentful when she isn’t getting any help. It will take her a while to realize that she was so comfortable handling it all that she forgot how to ask for it.

2. The giver

Most women have that giving instinct when they are with a man who treats them right. She will want to make sure he’s okay at all times and she won’t even have a problem doing all the cooking and cleaning. She already knows what her role is as a wife and can predict what her man’s needs are.

The negative about a giver is, she is highly prone to burnout as well. She might also neglect herself because she easily forgets she’s a priority too.

3. The princess

The princess’s strength is her femininity. She knows how to sit back and let her man be her hero.

Because she was raised to not lift a finger, she will have a hard time stepping up as a wife and as an adult. She will struggle to do anything without her husband, which will cause problems in her marriage since she doesn’t know how to do even the simplest things.

4. The mom-wife

The mom-wife is slightly similar to a giver but the difference is that she sees her husband as her son. Her husband-son mentality will trigger her urge to control what her man does because deep down she feels responsible for him, like a mother.

This dynamic is a sign of unhealthy dependency, which can damage a marriage. It might also show that both sides need to seek therapy to address why they have this unhealthy bond.

5. The kids-focused wife

Any wife can easily find herself in this category once the kids come. At first, you knew how to be the fun wife who pays attention to her man’s needs but now there’s a baby and no more room for anyone else.

Every child deserves to be their parent’s priority but, it’s also important to remember that your husband matters too. Neglecting your marriage can cause a major disconnection in your relationship.

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