100 positive affirmations that actually work

100 positive affirmations that actually work

100 positive affirmations that actually work

The human brain is magnificent, it is both a power and weakness that it can actually never stop thinking.

While your brain is at work all the time why not guide it to think the way you want to? Perhaps, this is where the concept of positive affirmations actually stems from.

In a world where every next person is tired of overthinking, why not train your mind to help you achieve everything you have ever dreamt of?

Turns out, positive affirmations have the power to actually do that. But, what are positive affirmations? Do positive affirmations actually work? Let’s find out.

Ahead, you will find everything you need to know about positive affirmations along with an extensive list of affirmations broken down into just the right categories.

What are positive affirmations

Essentially positive affirmations are nothing but positive statements that one must repeat throughout the day. Incorporating affirmations can be a remarkably unique experience for everyone, you can use the right statements as words of encouragement to set the tone of the entire day or you can use them to give yourself a pep talk before a big event. In fact, believe it or not, by simply repeating positive statements you can actually manifest your dream life. The only trick is to find or create the right positive statements that align with your dreams and goals.

How do positive affirmations work?

It is no sorcery but practicing positive affirmations every day, actually helps you shift your mindset, and builds confidence and courage to actually work for your goals. When you simply repeat positive affirmations to yourself every day, you train your mind to look at the right opportunities at the right time. Just like if you keep thinking about a red car throughout the day when you step out you’ll actually spot more red cars than usual. That doesn’t mean, the number of red cars suddenly increased, it simply means, you trained your mind to spot the red cars more efficiently. That’s exactly how affirmations work.

How to use positive affirmations?

Incorporating positive affirmations can be a unique and personal experience for everyone. It completely depends on what your goals are and how much are you willing to commit. Affirmations can lure you out of any dull or difficult circumstances.

Here are the different ways positive affirmations can help you;

  • Boost confidence before important presentations or meetings.
  • Manage negative feelings such as nervousness, frustration, anger, or impatience.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • Generate energy to finish assignments you’ve started.
  • Enhance your productivity.
  • Overcome any unhealthy habit.
  • Attract health or abundance
  • Manage anxiety or overcome overthinking
  • Fight depression (alongside therapy)

Affirmations work better if you have a clear goal that you can actually visualize. For example, if you want to affirm better income, you must actually think of a number and visualize the transaction.

Daily positive affirmations

  • “Today and every day I choose to be happy.”
  • “I am thankful for all the blessings in my life”
  • “I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.”
  • “I am joyful, optimistic, and content”
  • “I am thankful for all I have and all I will accomplish”
  • “I am proud of myself.”
  • “I attract positivity and blessings.”
  • “I am thankful for all that I have”
  • “I am full of energy and optimism.
  • “I am ready to find joy.”

Morning affirmations – Positive affirmations to start the day

  • “Today, and every day, I am blessed.”
  • “I am optimistic because today is a new day.”
  • “I am grateful to be alive.”
  • “Today is a beautiful day.”
  • “Today is worth celebrating.”
  • “I am successful.”
  • “I can do anything I put my mind to.”
  • “I am open to all the amazing things that today will bring.”
  • “I am thankful for all that I have and all that is yet to come.”
  • “Today and every day, I enjoy all the little things in life.”

Bedtime affirmations – Positive affirmations for sleep

  • “I forgive myself and let go.”
  • “I am in a safe and protected space to sleep.”
  • “It’s safe to put my thoughts on hold while I sleep.”
  • “I let go of all that I can not control.”
  • “I am always in alignment with my life’s purpose.”
  • “I heal my mind and body as I sleep.”
  • “I trust in the divine process of life.”
  • “I am enough.”
  • “I am worthy of rest”
  • “I have done my best today, and I forgive the rest.”

Positive affirmations for work and career

  • “My work brings me joy and happiness.”
  • “I am focused & motivated to deliver my best work.”
  • “I strive for work-life balance.”
  • “Rest is productive.”
  • “I ask for help if I need it.”
  • “I am an invaluable asset to my employer.”
  • “I am thankful for the opportunities to learn and gain experience.”
  • “I deserve abundance and success.”
  • “Every step I take takes me closer to my goals.”
  • “My potential for success is endless.”
  • “I know exactly what to do to achieve success.”
  • “My contributions to the world are valuable.”
  • “I am respected by my peers.”
  • “There is always room for me at the table.”
  • “Doors are opening up for me.”
  • “I am attracting a fulfilling and abundant career.”

‘I am’ positive affirmations

  • “I am safe.”
  • “I am loved.”
  • “I am worthy.”
  • “I am calm and relaxed”
  • “I am powerful”
  • “I am filled with joy”
  • “I am full of energy”
  • “I am getting stronger and healthier every day.”
  • “I am allowing my body to heal.”
  • “I am always in the right place at the right time”
  • “I am attracting money all day long.”
  • “I am always in alignment with my purpose.”
  • “I allow happiness to guide me.”
  • “I am ready to receive all the abundance and love life has to offer.”

Positive affirmations for self-love

  • “I accept myself exactly as I am now.”
  • “I accept love from myself and others.”
  • “I am at peace with where I am.”
  • “I embrace who I am.”
  • “I create my own love.”
  • “I am enough.”
  • “I am whole.”
  • “I am constantly growing, evolving, and becoming my best self.”
  • “I treat myself kindly and with compassion.”
  • “I love myself deeply and unconditionally.”
  • “I trust myself completely.”
  • “I am allowed to take care of myself.”
  • “I am allowed to feel good.”
  • “I am still learning, so it’s okay to make mistakes.”
  • “I am allowed to say no.”

Positive affirmations for anxiety

  • “I am safe and in control.”
  • “I have done this before, and I can do it again.”
  • “This too shall pass.”
  • “I am strong.”
  • “I trust myself.”
  • “I am capable.”
  • “I take things one day at a time.”
  • “I inhale peace and exhale worry.”
  • “This feeling is only temporary.”
  • “I am loved and accepted.”
  • “I am present in this moment.”
  • “I am in charge of my breathing.”
  • “I am grateful for the things I can control.”
  • “I let go of things I have no control over.”
  • “If I keep trying, it will get easier.”
  • “I welcome miracles into my life”
  • “I can get through this.”
  • “I survived this before, I can do it again.”

Positive affirmations for health

  • “I am healing my body with every deep breath.”
  • “My body is healthy and strong.”
  • “My body is powerful and knows how to heal itself.”
  • “My positive thoughts and actions renew my health and body.”
  • “I deserve to feel healthy and vibrant.”
  • “I am kind to my body.”
  • “I am healthy, optimistic, and happy.”
  • “My immune system is strong and keeps me safe.”
  • “I trust my body to know what it needs, and I listen.”
  • “I eat food to nourish and celebrate my body.”
  • “I sleep soundly and peacefully.”
  • “My body is always working for me.”

Body positive affirmationsPositive affirmations for weight loss

  • “My body is perfect just the way it is.”
  • “I am grateful to be living in this body.”
  • “I am beautiful.”
  • “I am grateful for the body I own and all it does for me.”
  • “My body is worthy of being cared for.”
  • “I feel strong and confident in my body.”
  • “I feel blessed to have this body.”
  • “I am defined by who I am inside, not how I look.”
  • “My body does not determine my worth.”
  • “It feels good to take care of my body.”
  • “Exercise has become a part of my daily routine.”
  • “I am attracting my perfect weight.
  • Everything I consume heals my body.”
  • “When I see in the mirror I look at a fit and healthy body.”
  • “Every day I notice my progress.”

Abundance affirmations – Positive affirmations for attracting money

  • “I am grateful for the money I have.”
  • “I am a money magnet.”
  • “Wealth and abundance flow to me.”
  • “Money comes to me in both expected and unexpected ways.”
  • “I am open to receiving money.”
  • “I attract money easily and effortlessly.”
  • “I am worthy of financial success.”
  • “I am an excellent money manager.”
  • “I spend money only on things I love.”
  • “I am generous with my money.”
  • “I get rich doing what I love.”
  • “I make all the right investments”

Positive affirmations for love 

  • “I am loved more than I ever thought possible.”
  • “I am open to receiving love.”
  • “I am making room for an incredible partner in my life.”
  • “The universe is bringing my soulmate to me.”
  • “I am in a wonderful relationship with someone who treats me right.”
  • “I am attracting the perfect person for me.”
  • “I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.”
  • “I am happy and overwhelmed with love.”
  • “I am lovable.”
  • “All my relationships are always fulfilling.”
  • “I am thankful for the love in my life.”
  • “I am attracting real connection.”
  • “My heart is prepared to receive love.”
  • “The Universe wants the most fulfilling, wonderful love for me.”
  • “I am patient”

Whether you think, recite, listen to, or actually write these affirmations, repetition of these affirmations will definitely help you feel at ease. Experts advise you to write down your affirmations and paste them wherever you look at the most. You can even use them as your wallpaper or paste posters on the wall that simply serve as reminders.

For maximum effectiveness, you can even go for an affirmation journal to write down your positive affirmations repeatedly. While repeating affirmations throughout the day is the goal, however, if you want to incorporate the habit of writing or listening to affirmations as a self-care practice, it is advised to incorporate it as a morning or bedtime routine which is when your brain is most open to receiving.

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